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African Bridal Show (ABS) was born out of the desire to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of the African Culture. We are dedicated to highlighting the traditional aspects of an African wedding which will help the wedding to be as authentic as possible
ABS is a double edged company as we do not only aim to increase the varieties and options available for every Afro Caribbean bride to be by bringing culture, but we are seriously passionate about providing exposure for African wedding service providers in order to broaden their business horizon
It has been confirmed that some brides feel that the quality of their traditional wedding has been diluted due to it not being in their home country or not having the specific services which they need. Well, those days are over as we are striving towards giving you what it takes to make it as unique as possible, just as if it was done in your homeland
OUR VISION - The vision is to ensure that culture is retained especially in the wedding scene. A lot of us have been away from our home countries for years and some have never even been before. We believe that it is key to show acknowledgement to our roots when needed. Such times being during a wedding. It is a time when a family, after bringing up their son or daughter, have to release them to another family. It is a time of joy and emotions, which is most adequately, expressed when done the traditional way. There are so many interesting parts of an African wedding that we want to see come alive.
AFRICAN BRIDAL SHOW - Bringing Culture to You - Broaden Your Business Horizon


Contact: Vicky Abaya

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We are not aware of any wedding fairs currently organised by African Bridal. If you know of a wedding fair we should feature then please tell us about it. Please bookmark this page to check back later.

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